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Alicia is both a master and miracle worker when it comes to wellness and massage. She is our families "go-to" practitioner and we are all thankful we found her. Once you book and experience your first session you will know what I mean.
Diedre B.

I had a painful and sore right shoulder that hurt to move and sore lower back that made it painful to sit. Alicia found the source of pain in tight muscles in the shoulder and fixed them. She also found the source of the lower back and fixed that too. Total time was one hour. I was amazed she got rid of both painful areas in one hour. Alicia is the best!
Mike L.

I have been working with Alicia for several months and have experience a major improvement in my hip and shoulder pain. With her knowledge of body structure, she has been able to zero in on the cause of my joint problems and is helping work through these issues.
Joanne D.

Alicia is the most amazing body worker! Alicia is very intuitive and knowledgeable of all body mechanics, health and nutrition. I have worked with Alicia for many years. She used her skills with EFT to move stuck emotions that were causing pain to me physically. She is the most amazing practitioner!
Kathleen G.

Alicia is intuitive, compassionate and effective. She helped me uncover and process major abuse issues. She was solid throughout. She is golden.
Patricia T.

I have been the extremely satisfied customer of Alicia's for over 15 years. She has used all her modalities to benefit my health, both physical and emotional. While distance has put massage by her less frequent, then desired, I have tried many other massage therapist. They leave me missing her healing hands and her God-given knowing of just what I need to make me feel better. I always look forward to seeing her for a wellness tune- up. She puts her heart and soul into making each person feel better.
Joy P.

Alicia is amazing! She helped alleviate back pain I had for 15 years from an accident. Over the years I had a variety of treatments that helped but none made it go away completely, until I found Alicia.
Emily L.

Alicia works magic! Simple as that. Her techniques and thoughtfulness combined with her intuitive skills have helped me live a pain free life as possible, built on a platform of total health.
Christine H.