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The Therapist

Alicia Tompkins BA, LMT, EFT Cert-1.

Alicia Tompkins interest in bodywork began when she was a youth. She came into this world with a desire to help others with her hands and found great passion working on each of her five family members throughout her growing up years. After high school graduation, Alicia attended college following in her mother's footsteps; a career of nursing. After several years of study in a four year nursing school and working at a Veteran's Hospital as a phlebotomist, Alicia changed her career choice to Social Work. Graduating with a degree in Social Work, she set forth to help the world through counseling. Thankfully Alicia moved to California where she began a new career into Massage Therapy in 1991 bringing her full circle in her path to assist others in wellness.

Alicia continued on her path to assist others through learning energy psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT and Bio-Energy a profound modality for wellness from Croatia.

Ms. Tompkins has worked at fitness clubs, chiropractor clinics, spas and salons. She has been hired by celebrities and has worked exclusively for individual families. She enjoys using many modalities to assist her clients in physical relief of pain and emotional release from past traumas. Alicia uses these forms of massage; Myofascial Release, Swedish, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Unique Rocking Technique, Fascial Blasting and Bio-Energy.

Alicia has also created her own modality she calls, Unique Rocking Technique, which enables a client to remain clothed during the session. In 2016 she was introduced to Fascia Blasting through Ashley Black Guru. It is truly a powerful instrument for clearing the fascial system and allowing muscles to fire properly.

Ms. Tompkins is a great addition to any wellness program encapsulating within her gifts of touch are a full spectrum of mind, body and spirit balancing modalities.